21 Series Slewing Ring Bearing

single-row ball slewing ring bearing“L”-Design to Save Weight: Four-Point Contact, Single-Row Ball Slewing Ring Bearings

  • Four-point contact, single-row ball slewing ring bearing series
  • For mid-to-heavy applications
  • Available in plain, internally geared and externally gear versions
  • “L” design cross section in plain bearing ideal for applications where system weight is a concern
  • Available in a variety of mounting configurations
  • Available in raceway diameters of 13-57 inches. Other sizes are available upon request.
  • Other: 
    • Externally geared version has a rectangular cross section outer ring and flanged inner ring
    • The internally geared version has a rectangular cross section inner ring and a flanged outer ring.
    • The mounting surface must conform to defined standards for flatness and strength.
    • Contact the factory for assistance in sizing this bearing.
    • This series comes with induction hardened raceways. Geared versions can be provided with induction hardened teeth.
    • Matching pinions are available for all standard bearings.



  • Thrust: 7,000 to 1,100,000 pounds
  • Moment: 1,400-390,000 foot-pounds
  • Radial: 400-150,000 pounds

For more information on the 21 Series slewing ring bearing or to request a quote, contact SlewPro today.

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Parts Cross Reference

Product Series:

SlewPro Rotek Kaydon Avon Rothe Erde
21E.0414.19.000 L6-16E9Z
21E.0414.19.001 L6-16E9ZD
21E.0544.19.000 L6-22E9Z
21E.0544.19.001 L6-22E9ZD
21E.0644.19.000 L6-25E9Z
21E.0644.19.001 L6-25E9ZD
21E.0744.19.000 L6-29E9Z RK6-29E1Z
21E.0744.19.002 L6-29E9ZD
21E.0844.19.000 L6-33E9Z
21E.0844.19.001 L6-33E9M
21E.0844.19.002 L6-33E9ZD
21E.0944.19.000 L6-37E9Z
21E.0944.19.001 L6-37EXX2
21E.0944.19.002 L6-37EXX3
21E.0944.19.003 L6-37E9ZD
21E.0955.29.000 L9-38E9Z
21E.1055.29.000 L9-42E9Z
21E.1094.19.000 L6-43E9Z
21E.1094.19.001 L6-43E9ZD
21E.1155.29.000 L9-46E9Z
21E.1255.29.000 L9-49E9Z
21E.1355.29.000 L9-53E9Z
21E.1355.29.001 L9-53E9E
21E.1455.29.000 L9-57E9Z
21E.1455.29.001 L9-57E9ZA
21N.0414.19.000 L6-16N9Z
21N.0414.19.001 L6-16N9ZD
21N.0544.19.000 L6-22N9Z
21N.0544.19.001 L6-22N9ZD
21N.0644.19.000 L6-25N9Z
21N.0644.19.001 L6-25N9ZD
21N.0744.19.000 L6-29N9Z
21N.0744.19.001 L6-29N9ZD
21N.0844.19.000 L6-33N9Z
21N.0844.19.001 L6-33N9ZD
21N.0944.19.000 L6-37N9Z
21N.0944.19.001 L6-37N9ZD
21N.0955.29.000 L9-38N9Z
21N.1055.29.000 L9-42N9Z
21N.1094.19.000 L6-43N9Z
21N.1094.19.001 L6-43N9ZD
21N.1155.29.000 L9-46N9Z
21N.1255.29.000 L9-49N9Z
21N.1355.29.000 L9-53N9Z
21N.1455.29.000 L9-57N9Z
21P.0323.13.000 L4-13P8Z
21P.0323.13.001 L4-13P9Z
21P.0414.19.000 LP-16P9Z
21P.0414.19.001 L6-16P9ZD
21P.0414.19.002 - 2D - 3D - PDF
21P.0414.19.003 - 2D - 3D - PDF
21P.0421.13.000 L4-17P8Z
21P.0421.13.001 L4-17P9Z
21P.0544.19.000 - 2D - 3D - PDF L6-22P9Z
21P.0544.19.001 721MC20
21P.0544.19.002 L6-22P9ZD 230.20.0500.013
21P.0644.19.000 - 2D - 3D - PDF L6-25P9Z
21P.0644.19.001 - 2D - 3D - PDF L6-25P9ZD
21P.0644.19.002 - 2D - 3D - PDF
21P.0744.19.000 - 2D - 3D - PDF L6-29P9Z
21P.0744.19.001 - 2D - 3D - PDF L6-29P9ZD
21P.0844.19.000 - 2D - 3D - PDF L6-33P9Z
21P.0844.19.001 - 2D - 3D - PDF L6-33P9ZD
21P.0944.19.000 - 2D - 3D - PDF L6-39P9Z
21P.0944.19.001 - 2D - 3D - PDF L6-39P9ZD
21P.0955.29.000 L9-38P9Z
21P.1055.29.000 L9-42P9Z
21P.1094.19.000 - 2D - 3D - PDF L6-43P9Z
21P.1094.19.001 L6-43P9ZD
21P.1094.19.002 - 2D - 3D - PDF
21P.1094.19.003 - 2D - 3D - PDF
21P.1155.29.000 L9-46P9Z
21P.1256.29.000 L9-49P9Z
21P.1355.29.000 L9-53P9Z
21P.1455.29.000 L9-57P9Z