Other Slewing Drives

Precision Slewing DrivePE Series Precise Slewing Drive

PE Series slewing drives are the ideal solutions when precision is a must as these products can be controlled between 0.05° and 0.15°. 


  • Maximum tracking accuracy
  • Easily achieve accurate transmission and positioning
  • Flexible input interface



Originally developed for the solar power industry, the PE Series slewing drive has a variety of applications including:

  • Automatic Assembly Lines
  • Welding Positioners
  • Solar Tracking Systems


ZE Series Zero Backlash Slewing Drive

The ZE Series slewing drive displays higher transmission precision in comparison with similar precision products due to the zero backlash gear meshing.


  • Precise repeat positioning and high transmission efficiency
  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Zero backlash positioner



The ZE Series is used in a wide array of applications including:

  • Rotating Platforms
  • Robotic Arms
  • Rotation of Medical Joints
  • PV and Solar Thermal Trackers


S Series Open Housing Slewing Drive

The S Series is comprised of four separate components: a slewing ring, the open housing, auxiliary parts and hourglass worm. 


  • Lower maintenance costs compared to enclosed slewing drives
  • Ability to transfer high torque through gearbox
  • Easily installed



The S Series is typically specified in the construction industry through the following applications:

  • Truck-Mounted Crane Rotation
  • Aerial Vehicle Chassis Rotation
  • Automatic Assembly Lines


HSE Series Slewing Drive for Modular Vehicles

HSE Series slewing drives have the ability to withstand large axial dynamic loads due to the structural design of the product.


  • High output torque capabilities
  • Designed to prevent leakage of gear oils
  • Copper worm wheel teeth allow for larger drive torque and strong scuffing resistance



Originally tailored for hydraulic modular trailers, the HSE Series slewing drive has a wide variety of mechanical applications including the following: 

  • Slick Collection Machines
  • Rotation of Oil Rigs
  • Modular Vehicle Wheel Rotation


SE-2 Series Enclosed Slewing Drive

The SE Series slewing drive is a dual worm slewing drive consisting of two hourglass worms, a slewing ring, enclosed housing and supporting parts - resulting in double tooth contact and increased torque capabilities.


  • Can be rotated by using two motors
  • Two worm design results in more contact and higher torque output
  • Worms have been heat treated resulting in harder teeth



Much like the SE Series, the SE-2 Series has indoor and outdoor applications including:

  • Drill Rig Rotation
  • Solar and PV Tracking Systems
  • Rotation of Cable Winding Machines


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